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About Me 

Hello world, my name is Rachel Brunelle. I am 22 years old. Born and raised in Massachusetts! 

In May 2020 I graduated from Sacred Heart University studying Marketing and Fashion Merchandising! Now I am a currently working as a Marketing Coordinator for Gabriel Software LLC. On the side I do filming and video editing. 

I have recently started my own Youtube Channel to express my passion for fashion to others. Not only am I posting fashion videos but I also am posting lifestyle, beauty, travel, and vlog videos. 


 Click Here to my Youtube Channel to Subscribe !!!!  

IMG_7944 2.JPG

Photography creds: Gabrielle Choinere 


Photography creds:

To describe myself I am a positive, spiritual, fashionable young woman in search of true self and enlightenment. Fashion has always been one of my passions. This is because fashion is a way to express yourself and I think that it is a beautiful thing.

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