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Purpose Fuels Fashion

We all are passionate about something. Whether it be for an individual, a hobby, a place in the world, the list could go on. I personally do not just have one passion, and in a world filled with so many experiences and possibilities, I think many people would relate.

One passion of mine has always been expressing myself through my fashion. Ever since I was a little girl my mother always dressed me up and made me feel beautiful(she still does today). I would play dress up and put on my princess dresses and my plastic heals from my dress up kit, and walk around the house LOL. Today I walk into a store and I try on an outfit or an accessory and I get that same excitement and joy as little Rachel did. I believe this is where my passion for fashion began.

Before I go on with my story, I want to remind you all that each one of us are unique in our own ways. Our different passions express who we are as an individual…I find that so amazing.

A pretty cliché saying we all have heard, that I truly believe in is, “Everything happens for a reason”. We go through hard times to get to the good times. Life is quite simple as that. 3 years ago, I started college pre-accepted in the Occupational Therapy program at Sacred Heart University. I had this passion for helping others, and I felt that the medical field was best direction for that passion. I remember sitting in my biology class and overhearing a person say, “All my friends are Business majors it’s literally so annoying… All they do is party. They have it so much easier than us”. I thought to myself with an eye roll “Dude… how do you know you aren’t in their classes”. In case you guys haven’t noticed, a lot of people like to assume they know EVERYTHING.

But guess what they don’t hahaha

My sophomore year was one of my most challenging years, both academically and personally. My friends even saw the struggles and toughness that year brought me. During this time, people took advantage of my kindness which drained me of my inner peace. But, the most frustrating thing about that year was I put most my energy into school and GUESS WHAT??? It wasn’t paying off in the areas I most expected it to.  I would study all hours of the day for an exam and end up with an average grade which was not good enough for the program I was in. UGH thinking about it stresses me out hahhah!!! It was such a frustrating point in my life!!! I was so upset with myself because I dreamed of doing this, and I wanted to succeed so badly. My parents realized how drained and frustrated I was and told me to try the business field! Instantly, I thought of what I overheard my freshman year from that narrow minded (a.k.a idiot) in my biology class, say. But then I thought, “Honestly what do I have to lose?”. So, I took a marketing course and I realized WOW, I LIKE THIS!!!!!

To make a long story short… here I am today now, a second semester junior, majoring in marketing and minoring in fashion, and I couldn’t be happier with where life has taken me. I realized that I could help people in a different way. Fashion has allowed me to find a purpose in helping others with expressing themselves through their style. My passion for fashion has always been there and now I am working to succeed in the fashion marketing world.

My main message for you all as a take away from my story is PASSION FUELS PURPOSE!!!! Figure out what your passions are. In order to find these passions, you are going to have failures or downfalls in other areas. However, remember failure is okay…. we are human and we are not perfect! We all have flaws and we must fail in life more than once. Failure and struggle allow us to grow and get where we need to be…

Trust your journey. Invest your time in becoming the best version of yourself. I am grateful for all the lessons and blessings in my life.

Sending you positivity and love your way.

~ Rachel ♡


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