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The Power of a Good Outfit

Do you ever just wake up and have ZERO motivation?

Well, let me tell you, I have those days (hahaha) and I’m pretty sure you guys could agree you have too. When I am having a crappy day, I know that dressing up helps me move forward and motivates me to continue the day with productivity.

I had a friend of mine once tell me, “You may feel like sh*t but you don’t got to look like sh*t.” Some of you may have just thought to yourself “damn that was a little harsh”, but trust me my first time hearing that I thought the same thing!! Now when I think about it, I honestly believe it is pretty accurate. However, I would reword that saying as “You may be feeling not okay, and that is okay, but find that thing that motivates you and makes you feel good.”

The quote that is pictured really spoke to me. When I put on an outfit, I want it to reflect what I am feeling and where I am going in life.

I want people to know me as one who radiates a sense of purpose, with a heart filled with love, and a mind of faith.

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to model for the company LIE Collection in NYC. I was honored to have been asked to help them out and model their new Spring collection. I found when I put on these outfits that each outfit made me feel a different emotion and feeling. One outfit made me feel extremely elegant but sexy, another made me feel boujee, the next one made me feel ready to walk the streets of NYC! I thought it was AWESOME!!! Instantly, I thought about how there is so much power behind each outfit and that each person will have a different feeling when they put on that outfit. If you feel good about the outfit, go out in the world and WEAR IT! Own that outfit. Don’t let others or the norm tell you what is fashionable or not.

For when the outfit, the blog, the music, or whatever inspires you just isn’t working, just know, bumps are going to occur in life, but the way we move with the challenges/struggles of daily life says a lot about oneself. Learning to find the peace in the chaos is challenging, but is so powerful. Remember, you are in control of your peace. Trust me, I am not one who is always positive. I get sad, frustrated, and angry with life, but knowing that I am in control of my own peace is when I realize… DAMN I GOT THE POWER! Don’t forget, YOU HAVE THE POWER TOO! Finding your inner peace allows us to be able to go on with our day and accept life for what it is, rather than what we believe it should be. We all have days where we have zero motivation to do anything… I have those days too, where I don’t want to get out of bed, or want to skip class (mom if your reading this don’t worry I don’t skip class). However, the way you move forward and respond to life’s obstacles is what’s TRULY IMPORTANT PEOPLE!!! Sometimes life just feels like one SLAP to the face (hahaha)! But, always remind yourself that you can either let it affect your day or learn to find the peace within the challenges and struggles, which will only allow you to become stronger.

No matter what kind of day I am having I am going to make life the best I can. Working out, fashion, music, this blog, and so much more motivate me to keep grinding and setting goals. Life is what you make it. If you are constantly looking to grow… You WILL GROW!! Speak it into existence!

“Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, and Today is a gift.”

~ Rachel ♡

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